Selection of Fields

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In my interdisiplinary Ph.D. program, we are required to select three fields that will become our areas of specialization following field exams (otherwise called comprehensive exams for other doctoral programs). Today, my advisor and I settled on the titles of my three fields. They are listed below with descriptions of the field content.

Political Anthropology

Political anthropology encompasses the analysis of power, leadership, and influence in all their social, cultural, symbolic, ritual, and policy dimensions.

Science, Religion, and Critical Secular Studies

This field attends to the nuanced, case-specific, historical processes whereby conceptual binaries are established and mobilized towards the formation of the “secular” as a modern epistemic category and “secularism” as a modern political doctrine. A critical approach also aims to identify the historical circumstances in the West which brought about “religion” and “science” as modern categories of thought, in order to problematize the terms.

Multimodal Ethnography

Multimodal ethnography evokes the heterogeneities of anthropological research across multiple platforms and collaborative sites, including film, photography, soundscapes, dialogue, installations, social media, kinesis, and practice.

Image: «Новая планета» (“New Planet”) by Константин Федорович Юон (Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon), 1921.
Written on October 5, 2018