Reading List // November 2018

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Selections from the Web:

Coleman, Heather. 2018. “Bolshevism, Orthodoxy, and secularization in Russia.” The Immanent Frame. November 16.

Gibson, Nigel. 2018. “Fanon’s renewal of the Marxist formula.” New Frame. November 19.

Hemon, Aleksandar. 2018. “Fascism is Not an Idea to Be Debated, It’s a Set of Actions to Fight.” Literary Hub. November 1.

Jeck, Valentin. 2018. “Toward a Concrete Utopia: Yugoslavian architecture—in pictures.” The Guardian. July 13.

Miéville, China. “The Day That Shook the World.” Jacobin.

Park, Eddie. “The Red Runners of Peking University.” supchina. November 15.

Phillips, Michael M. 2018. “The One Time American Troops Fought Russians Was at the End of World War I—and They Lost.” The Wall Street Journal. November 9.

Reilly, Lucas. 2018. “How the World’s Only Feudal Lord Outclassed the Nazis to Save Her People.” Mental Floss. November 6.

Robinson, Kim Stanley. 2018. “Dystopia Now.” Commune Magazine.

Seidel, Jamie. 2018. “Oumuamua: Harvard researchers suggest strange interstellar object may be alien light sail.” New Corp Australia Network. November 3.

Thompson, A.C. 2018. “An Atomwaffen Member Sketched a Map to Take the Neo-Nazis Down. What Path Officials Took Is a Mystery.”. ProPublica. November 20.

Books and Journal Articles:


Cuboniks, Laboria. 2018. The Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics for Alienation. New York: Verso.

Federici, Silvia. 2018. Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women. Oakland: PM Press.

Le Guin, Ursula K. 1974. The Dispossessed (An Ambiguous Utopia). Norwalk: Easton Press. [RE-READ]

Morton, Timothy. 2017. Humankind: Solidarity with Nonhuman People. New York: Verso Books.

Tsing, Anna, Heather Swanson, Elaine Gan, and Nils Bubandt (editors). 2017. Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Journal Articles:

Bialy, Shmuel and Abraham Loeb. 2018. “Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain ‘Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration?” arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.11490. __

Image: Taylor R. Genovese, November 14, 2018, Snowy Peaks, Somewhere Over Utah.
Written on November 30, 2018